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Technical description
We offer an extensive range of products with different characteristics for applying to false ceilings and wall partitions made of steel, aluminium, wood, ..., in public buildings, airports, offices, ...

Our products comply with the two essential requirements of this application: acoustic and non-flammable insulation.

The noise's absorption increases the comfort of those who are inside these buildings. At present, the absorption coefficient in a reverberating room is measured using the European standard UNE-EN 20354. This absorption coefficient determines what percentage of the sound is absorbed by our materials.

As well as being phonoabsorbent, the acoustic nonwoven complies with the sector's current European standard of Reaction to Fire Classification, Euroclass
UNE EN 13501-1:2002, giving full guarantees for being used in all kinds of public buildings.

We can supply our products in various colours, upon request.

All the products are available with or without adhesive, and they can be delivered in reels for continuous application or in parts to be applied directly, unit by unit, to each piece of ceiling.

The products printed with our TEFIM®INSULATE trademark are a guarantee of maximum quality.
Main applications
  • Acoustic and non-flammable insulation for buildings

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