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Technical description
We can offer a wide range of products for the following applications:

Industrial Liquid Filtration
Nonwovens, which, according to their weight, retain different particles size in high flow rate applications.

Used in processes for filtering cutting oils, water and any other application requiring the separation of liquids and solids.

Food Filtration
Our nonwovens are suitable for being in contact with food, according to the requirements of the German regulation BfR-XXXVI/1.

Specially recommended for drinking water, fruit juices, oils (shops offering fried goods, snacks, precooked food, ...).

Air Filtration
Highly non-flammable nonwovens for smoke extractor fans in industrial and domestic kitchens.

These filters can be printed with a visual indicator of the filter's grease saturation level. The printed area of the filter changes its colour when it gets saturated.

TEFISA, can supply its nonwovens for air filtration with PEFC certification at the request of our customers and availability raw materials.

These filters can be supplied in reels or various formats.

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