We make the nonwoven you need.

Mision and Aim

Mision and aim
Through nonwoven technology, at TEFISA we can find solutions to specific client problems.

We are specialised in manufacturing nonwovens using a chemical process (chemical bonded) using fibres and also in finishing the veils made in your machines using chemical application.

This way, our products can be used with water repellence, oil resistant, water attracting products, and also as barrier products in the industrial processes where adhesives must be applied using heat and pressure, etc.

Thanks to our qualified technical and commercial teams, and our commitment to offer our clients a high standard technical service, we can develop products for exclusive applications. The wide diversity of sectors and markets where we sell our products, gives us extensive experience in specific product development.
In order to be able to offer our clients -both on the national and international market - a quality, competitive service, at TEFISA we are committed to fulfilling the most demanding levels of safety and productivity required by our sector.

Also, and owing to the singular nature of our products, TEFISA promotes continuous staff training in all areas of our company's activity so that we can interpret and resolve client concerns.

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