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Our Background

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1984: with the aim of diversifying its investments, the paper group Batlle created TEFISA (Piera) with one initial machine for producing nonwovens via the chemical process, with the idea of supplying the market for wipes and high liquid absorption products, such as nappies, sanitary towels, etc.

1990: Owing to market development and the need to increase the production capacity, the old, narrow machines were replaced with a new one.

Later, thanks to the development of new products, the group decided to abandon the original market for personal hygiene products, and move on to become one of the national leaders in industrial products, for sectors such as filtration, automotion, hospitals, etc.

1998: In order to manage the expansion in both the national and export market, a new machine was installed, measuring 2.80 m. wide, and provided with the same chemical procedure for nonwovens.

As the various industrial markets developed, TEFISA acquired auxiliary machines to convert the products manufactured in the nonwoven machines.

2003: TEFISA was bought in its entirety by the Textile group Industrias Murtra SA in Granollers, with the intention of diversifying investment within the textile market. Since then, the new shareholder has adopted and followed a new expansion strategy, assigning large investment totals to significantly increase the production capacity and improve quality.

At present, the firm employs approximately ninety people in the head office in Piera, and it also has a wide network of sales agents, who support the firm's commercial export activity.

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