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Quality Policy

The management of TEFISA considers that the excellent management of all processes and resources is a lever for the creation of value for people: shareholders, customers, employees and other interest groups.
The value creation model of TEFISA is based on sustainable, equitable growth and is committed to Customer Satisfaction, compliance with its requirements, legal, regulatory, environmental, safety and health at work, and Management of the Chain of Custody.

The quality policy aims to contribute to the sustainable growth model of TEFISA in the field of culture of excellence and procedures with quality management.

Management supports and coordinates compliance with this policy through the strategic planning process.
Basic principles of action
The management of TEFISA supports and coordinates compliance with this Quality Policy through:

Know the expectations of customers and other interest groups, to deliver products of their entire satisfaction.

The integration of suppliers, personnel and customers into a single chain of service, and for this purpose, preferential work is established to prevent defects, reduce the variation of processes and products, and minimize waste.

The effectiveness of the action will be endorsed by personalized attention, speed of service, product quality and customer specificity.

The ccontinual improvement as a basis for permanence, efficiency, effectiveness, performance and competitiveness guarantee.

Respect for the environment, preservation of the environment and responsible management of natural resources.

The monitoring of worker's rights and compliance with social, occupational health and safety requirements in force at all times.

Encourage employee involvement through teamwork, information fluency, internal communication and training as well as recognition of achievements.

The management of TEFISA:

Declares, following the FSC and PEFC references, not to be directly or indirectly involved with the following activities:

a) The exploitation of illegal timber or the illegal commercialization of wood or forest products.

b) The violation of human and traditional rights in forestry operations.

c) The destruction of large conservation values in forest operations.

d) The significant conversion of forests to plantations or lands with non-forest uses.

e) The introduction of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations.

f) The violation of any of the Fundamental Conventions of the ILO, as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 1998.

It has the commitment to implement and monitor the correct compliance with the social, health and safety requirements defined in Law 1/1995, March 24 of the "Law of the Workers' Statute", in force in Spain,

Advocates for the support to the suppliers in the improvement of their management system,

Encourages improvement of training through staff training, and

Evaluates the Quality of Management, by following the Objectives that flow from this Policy.

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